Jazz/Rock/Styles Band Classes


Fall Semester (Sept. - 3rd Week in December) - $325

Winter/Spring Semester (January - last Week in May) - $350 (includes recording session and is longer than the fall semester)

(Payment can be all at once or broken up into a monthly payment plan.)

Our Jazz/Rock/Styles Band Classes are designed to give our students an opportunity to perform in a band. These classes meet weekly and learn a repertoire of music to perform out at venues throughout the area.  Our ensemble classes have performed at Ceolta's, ABC, Olde Towne Books and Brew, The Midtown Scholar, Jubilee Day, Chocolate Fest, Warm Hearts Cafe, and many other venues in the area.  Several of our students from these classes have formed bands and ensemble groups of their own.  At the end of each semester, students have a pizza party and at the conclusion of the spring semester, students participate in a recording session at a recording studio. 


Band in Residence: Wednesday, 5-6pm (Advisor: Dr Beth Trez)

Advanced Jazz/Rock/Styles Class:  Wednesday, 6-7pm (Instructor: Jason Mescia)

Elementary Jazz/Rock/Styles Class: Wednesday, 7-8pm (Instructor: Jason Mescia)

Intermediate Jazz/Rock/Styles Class:  Thursday, 6-7pm (Instructor: Jason Mescia)

NOTE:  Semesters run September - December and January - May.



Already have a band or are in the process of forming a band?  We can help you!!! Trez Music offers coachings for bands that are already put together.  These coachings include instruction on creating a tighter sound, set-up and use of PA equipment, and public relations/booking gigs.  The coachings are 1 hour sessions each with Jason Mescia and are scheduled at the convenience of the band and the teacher.  Cost is $325/person/semester.  Payment can be all at once or broken up into a monthly payment plan.   


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